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Discussing “Is Renewable Really Doable” On the Air

I’m down in Ventura today for a taping of the TV show “Our Ventura,” often hosted by 2GreenEnergy co-founder George Alger.  He’s a real pro when it comes to asking good, penetrating questions.  The director, Petrina Sharp, is aces at

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Cold Fusion — Hoax or Legitimate Science?

Here, 2GreenEnergy Report host George Alger interviews me on cold fusion. While I’m as skeptical as the next guy, I see no reason to throw the concept out the window, and dismiss it as impossible.

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2GreenEnergy Video Report – Raising Investment Capital for Clean Energy Companies

In this episode of the 2GreenEnergy Video Report, host George Alger interviews me on my trip to visit Kleiner Perkins, the legendary venture capital firm, and what I learned about the process of raising money for clean energy firms.

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Announcing: 2GreenEnergy “Community” — Social Media Platform

I’d like to announce the opening of the 2GreenEnergy social media platform. We’ve long recognized the need for a way to connect readers with one another, enabling them to answer one another’s questions, share advice, or simply voice opinions. Now

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2GreenEnergy's 500th Post

This is our 500th post.  I wanted to use it to thank our clients, our guest bloggers, and our many thousands of subscribers — a large percentage of whom add fantastic and insightful comments and help make this a lively and

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