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Exec Turnover in the Wave Energy Industry Raises Suspicions

Nowadays, everyone’s alert to “fake news”; no one wants to be duped by deliberate lies that wind up in our media.  But, of all the different types of stories we come across each day, perhaps the most dubious are those

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Rule of Thumb for 2017: If You and I Care About It, It’s a Political Non-Starter

Since its inception coming up on eight years ago, 2GreenEnergy has attempted to sort out the issues that affect our civilization’s replacement of fossil fuels with renewables, and this, as we made clear at the start, encompasses the interactivity between

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When It Comes To Renewable Energy, Everything’s Good for Somebody

It seems sure that virtually every form of renewable energy will eventually wind up playing a role–somewhere.  Just like the U.S. has wind in the Great Plains, solar in the Southwest and biomass in the Deep South, each part of

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Is Hydrokinetics Coming to Myanmar?  Probably Not

We’ve all seen the plummeting prices of solar, wind, energy efficiency solutions, energy storage and the rest. And while all that’s good, it creates huge stressors on other areas of clean energy technology: hydrokinetics, biomass and geothermal. Having said that,

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Interesting Approach to Hydrokinetics

A reader asked for my comment on this technology: turbines installed inside of municipal water pipes that converts some of that hydrokinetic energy into electricity. First, let’s start with the most obvious: this doesn’t apply to water that is flowing

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New Approach To Ocean Wave Energy

In the course of a given month, I’m sure I contradict myself at least once or twice regarding the hope that ocean wave energy can come to play a prominent role in the unfolding world of renewables.  Let’s put it this

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Novel Approach to Ocean Wave Energy

Here’s an approach to extracting the energy from ocean waves whose inventor asks my opinion. I love looking at new ideas. Here goes: Will this generate electricity? Certainly. Will it provide a viable approach to solving the problem of cost-effective

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Ocean Energy Conference Moving Back to Maine

I’m still a bit aghast that the entire two-day Ocean Energy conference is conducted annually without a single mention of OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion). There are speakers promoting technologies in hydrokinetics and offshore wind, who, when pressed, admit that

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Concept in Ocean Current Energy

A gentleman from South Africa asked for my feedback on a new concept in hydrokinetics aimed at capturing energy from ocean currents.  I hope a few readers will find my response interesting: Hi, and thanks very much for sharing this

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Brazilian Run-of-River Hydro Projects

Ironically, of all the renewable energy investment opportunities I like, the one that’s attracting the most interest over the last week or so is my collection of 20-or-so run-of-river hydrokinetics projects in Brazil—despite the World Cup.  Apparently, the whole country’s

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