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New Technologies—Clean or Otherwise—Face Steep Hurdles

A reader mentions a series of meetings he attended on technologies that can be applied to coal plants to clear up their emissions, and, in reference to one of them, notes:  This is just one of many potential “cleaner fossil

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Why Venture Capital Isn't Embracing CleanTech

In 2011, I did a talk on clean energy and transportation at the incredibly palatial Biltmore in downtown Los Angeles (pictured), at the conclusion of which a gentleman introduced himself and told me about a zero-emissions vehicle he was building. 

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President Obama Tackles Climate Change in Inaugural Address

Just when I was starting to wonder if the subject of climate change would ever come up again in U.S. politics, President Obama makes a huge deal of it in his second inaugural address.  This is a good thing, and

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Investors in Clean Energy: A Different Breed

Here’s a report of macro-trends observed by venture capital giant Kleiner Perkins. To me, the most noteworthy thing about it is the concept that Kleiner managing partner Ray Lane explained in a conversation he and I had in his office

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Should Government Pick Winners and Losers in Energy Technology?

Should Government Pick Winners?

For those of you who, like me, watch very little commercial news television, here’s a sample of reporting to consumers on the energy industry. This happens to concern Solyndra – a debacle that’s thrown a cold swimming pool of water

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Analysis of the US Fiscal Situation

After my recent visit to Kleiner Perkins to conduct an interview for my next book, I’ve decided to keep my finger more on the pulse of these brilliant people.  I note that the other day, KP partner Mary Meeker published

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Externalities of the Oil Industry — Great Comments

Fossil Fuel Externalities

There have been some fantastic comments to my piece on the externalities of fossil fuels the other day.  I encourage folks to check out the response of frequent blogger Cameron Atwood in particular, to whom I reply: Unfortunately, this corporatocracy

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Interview with Kleiner Perkins’ Ray Lane on Renewable Energy Investments

Ray Lane

I’m on my way up north for a few meetings in the Bay Area, the first of which is an interview with Ray Lane, Managing Partner of Kleiner Perkins, the legendary venture capital fund. Ray has generously consented to let

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Innovation Means Introducing New, Relevant Concepts to Your Customers

Apple iPad

I had a talk just now with an old friend — an extremely senior business visionary who helped me put a few things into perspective about the innovations that are reshaping our world. Coming out of decades of work for

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China — Helping to Bring in Wind Power

Landzhou, China

What’s not to like about a $1.5 billion wind project covering 36,000-acre and generating the power for 180,000 homes in western Texas? For one, it rubs our nose in the fact that China is one of many countries that out-invests

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