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The Neo-Nazis Have a Better Public Image Than Monsanto, and Strangely, the Agribusiness Giant Doesn't Seem To Object

According to an email I received yesterday: Last year, Monsanto spent nearly $6 million on lobbying, and their payoff was the “Monsanto Protection Act,” which was written anonymously, passed in secret, and allows Monsanto to keep selling genetically engineered seeds

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Building Energy Policy on Facts, Not Dollars

Here’s a well-written article that contains a great deal of truth.  Many environmentalists take knee-jerk positions, often rooted in an incomplete and self-serving view of the relevant science, and these positions can ultimately do more harm to the environment than

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"We The People" Must Demand Change

Occasionally I like to spread 2GreenEnergy’s wings a bit further than the confines of renewables, talking about various concerns that most of us share in sustainability more generally. In particular, I’ve written before about what Monsanto is doing to control the food

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Monsanto's Forcing GMOs on Us Is Disgusting, But It's a Symptom of a Larger Problem

I’m happy to note that my brother Geoff’s side of the Shields family is vigorously checking out the Monsanto/GMO issue.  My nephew Tyler (pictured here left of Geoff) is passing around a film documentary on the subject.  Way to go,

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Aeroponics Can Be a Real Game-Changer

The investment opportunities we endorse on 2GreenEnergy are all “socially responsible” in the sense that each of them holds the promise to make the world a better place. But there is something about the business concept embodied in the aeroponics

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How Close to Sustainable Agriculture Are We?

“Sustainability” is such an important concept in our world today, and it’s magnificent to see so many people and corporate entities working hard to contemplate the effects their actions have on posterity. On the other hand, we come across atrocities

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Electric Vehicle Adoption — What Do We Really Know?

Chevy Volt Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

The talk I gave at the Electric Vehicle Summit last week is linked here, including the PowerPoint as well as the audio track.  I concluded it with a reminder that, in terms of the EV adoption curve, we don’t really

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Dishonesty in the News: American Public Media and Its Sponsor Monsanto

I am among the millions of Americans who listen to public radio and believes that what I’m hearing is objective information that isn’t bought and paid for by corporate interests. Unfortunately, it appears that American Public Media may be making

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