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Airborne Wind

Even since the advent of large-scale commercial wind energy in the 1990s, there has been a certain interest in airborne wind, as illustrated here. In principle, it offers all the benefits of offshore wind, on steroids.  It’s less visible than

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Writing for a website I helped to create, EmpowerTheOcean, Emma Websdale notes, “This week’s Annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, published by the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO), includes data showing that greenhouse gas emissions are on an upward and accelerating trend.”  She

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22 Clean Energy Business Plans for Your Consideration

The list of clean energy business plans I support has reached 22 items in length – an all-time record.  Each of these, in my estimation, represents a real breakthrough that clearly has the potential to make a huge impact on

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Prescription for Hawaii: Renewables, Electric Transportation

Craig Rainey writes: I just arrived back from a trip to Maui, HI and it continues to amaze me that they have 7000 acres of sugar cane, producing two crops/year, 90% refined into alcohol on island, over half of the

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Island Nations Are a Good Fit for Renewable Energy

Don Harmon of LiFeBatt, a long-time 2GreenEnergy reader, writes in about my recent video on clean energy: Good interview. We are currently working on a project in the Caribbean Islands for solar and wind generation. The islands are a very

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Infographic – All Forms of Energy on Earth Came from the Big Bang

As a part of our ongoing quest to produce “infographics” that lay out the basics of energy, I invite you to check out the chart here, presenting the notion that all the energy we harness and use here on Earth

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Hydrokinetics: Clean Energy Business Plans Based on Hydro

Here’ s a short presentation on hydrokinetics, in particular, a few clean energy business plans that are based on run-of-river, ocean current, wave, tidal, ocean thermal, etc.  This is of particular interest to me as I go about recommending a

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