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Bill Paul
, the Indiana Jones of Alternative Energy and former 20-year staff energy and environment reporter for the Wall Street Journal, is the Senior Investment Adviserfor 2GreenEnergy.He is the author of “The Five Rules Of Effective Alternative Energy Investing,” which outlines the fundamental points vital for any individual desiring to profit from investments in renewable energy.Read the 4-page report for important distinctions between Alternative Energy Investing (AEI) versus Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).Pass the report along to others who may benefit from trenchant insight into the controversy surrounding investments in today’s Green Mutual and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).Download the free report now!
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  1. Garth says:

    Before the economy tanked there was opportunity in my area to choose between green energy and regular energy which in this region comes mostly from coal. The difference was about 10 cents per kw/h. Many spent the extra dollars mostly so they could feel good about themselves. That changed with the economic down turn and the number of green purchasers dramatically dropped. That being said, point 3 of the report basically says to be careful about what you are buying if you want to feel good about your self. I get a bit confused sometimes when people do things that carry implication that they are helping save the planet; this is that feel good syndrome. I think one should invest in green to simply make money because 1 it helps that company remain viable and 2 regardless of climate change it is just good sense to reduce our need on other countries for energy. If one wants to feel good about themselves for what ever reason they should volunteer for some public service.

  2. lorenza brooks says:

    Hello, I am CEO of WORLD ENERGY RECYCLING TECH. I have a patent granted for (SMART ENERGY) for charging batteries on EV cars as you drive using energy from the wheels 100% clean energy and reuseable no pollution; for more info you can contact me @ wert2009wert@yahoo,com. Thanks.

  3. Jim stACk says:

    Interesting 5 points but nothing Earth breaking or new. I have a few rules I use and I hit it big on FSLR 1st Solar and before that qualcom along with a few others.

    A. There are no rules.

    B. Buy every Alternate stock you can when it’s a penny stock. The all you need is one to make it big and you cover all the others you tried.

    C. Keep up on every new stock you can . Alternate Energy cover Solar, Wind and Geo Thermal up front and many other items like lithium batteries, more efficient appliances, new APs like the Iphone Solar siting applications , V2G , SMART METERS and many other related and interconnected items. All you need is one to go sky rocketing and you have it made.

    D. Be sure to buy in companies you believe in and support. Then you will feel good even if they only grow and profit a little at a time. Slow growth is very sustainable and good. Buy their products and live with then to see what they are really like.

    E. Don’t sell if there is a large price drop, if you believe in it and don’t see any real rason it’s a good time to buy some more while it’s on sale.


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  5. arlene allen says:

    All good points. Jim Stack’s comments sounded like “been there, done that” as well. In the general case, non-USA equities have done pretty well and also hold the promise of acceleration due to the world recovery more than likely generally ahead of the USA. I go long just as a matter of course. Energy related issues tend to not swing wildly over short periods of time, but perhaps that will change. All my geothermal is languishing, but the price of entry was mostly insignificant.

    One sector that I believe will *not* turn into a play is electric vehicle maintenance. By definition and technology, they require considerably less than an ICE powered vehicle. If they don’t, there is a fundamental engineering issue. Large auto manufacturers have been projecting a severe downturn in post-sales income, not because someone else is going to do it, but because it won’t be needed. Even the traditional replacement parts are going long. The brake pads on my current vehicle will easily see 250K miles. Air filters on the battery stack are washable. I’m not sure I want to own the car that long.

    Auto manufacturers may try to do “lock ins” with their vehicle maintenance, but that might impact sales. I for one would not buy any vehicle I was forbidden to touch. That would be part of my pre-sales questions.

    Garage chargers are likely to stimulate the home electrician small businesses, but again, not so you would notice a big bubble. It took about 90 minutes to get mine installed (subpanel already present). The bureaucrat inspecting it took almost as long :-/

    SCE (local power utility) is getting a second meter initiative off the ground. That will not likely perturb SCE value, given the slow rate at which such changes will happen.

  6. Sometimes careful analysis is required to foresee what services a new product will demand.

    Presently plans are being completed in G.B. for an industrial-college to teach Electrical safe practices for individuals who will work in the manufacturing plants of Nissan and Smith’s Industries being located there. Just as “Air-Bags” required special safety certifications for factory workers and dealership or independent shop mechanics in handling high explosive inflation devices, the High Voltage Battery Packs will also require special safety certifications and with even Hybrids having over 400 volt systems, to allow an uncertified mechanic to open the hood may see an Insurance nightmare for the shop.

    Already we are hearing the sharper tire stores, brake shops, and independent service centers are refusing to work on Electric Vehicles because their mechanics are not High Voltage certified. The remarkably successful “Tesla Motors” in California has been selling every car they make (at $109,000) and because many purchasers homes are 50 or more miles from the nearest dealer, in October 2009 they started a “Tesla-Ranger” program with which they put a mechanic and a helper in an SUV with a enclosed trailer puled behind it and dispatch them to customers homes for the warranty required 12,000 mile or one year periodic checkup. They also do repairs but if the repair requires a shop they trailer the car to the nearest Tesla dealership where the repair can be done. The service is not free but involves a minimum $100 additional service fee.

    Of course Chevrolet has announced only one electric drive mechanic for each group of four dealerships. And Toyota has NONE, what can they be thinking? “Forget the servicing and fix the catastrophic failure later for a higher profit?”

    We want to be able to fill the niche with Independent EV trained technicians working out of hundreds of non dealer controlled shops, some in “Mobile Van Service,” some at “Speed Shops” , some at Independent service centers like “Midas,” or “Brake-O,” or Local,”Home-Town” auto repair shops. These are the EV Technicians our School is planning to educate, at Electric Vehicle Technical Institute. There are 3 million auto mechanics servicing the 230 million vehicles in the USA today. By 2025 others have predicted a need for a million EV trained mechanic/technicians. NOW is the time to open the “Pilot Program School” then many more to follow, (Hence the Franchising is planned.) Service will include no oil change (Except on Hybrids,) but there are a whole new set of drive components to test, and tires, and alignment, and every cell in the battery pack (6,080 in the Tesla…) It would seem to me the dealers who are advising against service being required will be the first ones to demand service to maintain warranty integrity.

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