Welcome to 2GreenEnergy.  We’re Glad You’re Here.  (A “Sticky” Post)

Welcome to 2GreenEnergyTo those who have been with us since our inception in 2009, as well as to those who are just joining us now for the first time, here’s a brief summary of what we at 2GreenEnergy are all about.  We offer:

• A platform on which we connect cleantech entrepreneurs with sources of investment capital. Read more ›

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World Reaction to Trump Isn’t Pretty

World Reaction to Trump Isn't PrettyThose of us in the U.S. who are paying attention understand that most Americans regard our new president with a mixture of hostility and terror. But if you want to see some REAL animus from someone elsewhere on the globe, this three-minute video of a speech from an Irish senator is not to be missed.

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James Watt and the Unit of Power Named for Him


http://www.huntington.org/It’s the birthday of the seminal Scottish chemist and mechanical engineer James Watt, best known for his improvements in the steam engine that provided a considerable boost to the nascent Industrial Revolution in the 18th Century.

Watt’s name, of course, is the most widely used unit of power, which provides the opportunity to say this: If you’re speaking with someone and wondering about his grasp of basic science, an immediate clue is his use/ misuse of the term “Watt.” Read more ›

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U.S. Political Rhetoric Is All About Jobs, But We’re Ceding 13 Million To China

U.S. Political Rhetoric Is All About Jobs, But We’re Ceding 13 Million To ChinaHere’s a wonderful article that combines what are perhaps the two most important vectors in the world of energy today, at least as far as the U.S. is concerned:

A) 13 million jobs are being created in China because of their enormous commitment to renewable energy.  From the article: Read more ›

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Small Wind Has No Future

I thought I would reproduce a conversation I’m having with an entrepreneur in small wind in the UK:

Entrepreneur: (My company is) based in the UK and UAE has designed an onshore wind turbine (15kW and 50kW) that has a wider wind envelope than all current turbines.  With the patented technology, we’re looking for the investment to build two prototypes and to commercialize and market these turbines into the global market. Read more ›

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How Long Will Trump Be In Power?

How Long Will Trump Be In Power?Frequent 2GreenEnergy critic writes: “I’m very disturbed (by) your ranting against the President-elect….The US is not some unstable banana republic where presidents are removed from office by coups and unlawful processes.”

Sorry you’re disturbed. Read more ›

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Deloitte Takes the Express Train into “Smart Cities”

Deloitte Jumps Into Smart CitiesSmart cities technology is an important vector in bringing about energy efficiency and conservation. That’s why I’m delighted to see my old client Deliotte involved in making this happen; I hope you’ll check out the article linked above.

FWIW, no aspect of my career has been more rewarding to me than the opportunity to work with really bright people.  If Deloitte can’t get it done, that means something quite specific: it’s impossible.


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EVs and Inductive Charging

EVs and Inductive Charging2GreenEnergy supporter and clean energy DIYer extraordinaire Brian McGowan sent me this piece on a company that proposes wireless (inductive) charging of electric vehicles as they’re driven across our major roadways.

My comments:  Read more ›

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A Strange Thing Happened Along Our Evolution as a Species….

sea ice meltsIf you’re looking for the single oddest quirk of humankind,  you can’t throw out the fact that, year after year, as the sea ice melts, and another high temperature record is broken, large swaths of the U.S.population shrug their shoulders with apathy, defying the vast majority of climate scientists and ridiculing the rest of us who care about the future of our civilization. Read more ›

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Speaking Out Against Trump

Speaking Out Against TrumpA fellow whom I greatly respect put a post on Facebook yesterday to the effect that each president of the U.S. has had a mixture of strengths and weakness, as well as a blend of points of character to being admired and others reviled. His message, and we hear this all the time, is that all Americans should stand behind Donald Trump and help him become the best president he can be.

While I don’t think this is a baseless idea, the Trump presidency is unique in U.S. history, for several different reasons, a few of which are outlined here: Read more ›

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CleanTech Businesses: Keeping It Simple

• A gentleman contacted me yesterday in an attempt to raise investment capital for a business that itself is a concatenation of seven different cleantech business concepts.  I thought I’d publish my response, even if it may appear obvious:

My advice is that you make this much easier to digest and raise more investor confidence by focusing on something that has a high probability of success.  That means rethinking you strategy of combining seven different businesses into one.  Read more ›

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