Welcome to 2GreenEnergy.  We’re Glad You’re Here.  (A “Sticky” Post)

Welcome to 2GreenEnergyTo those who have been with us since our inception in 2009, as well as to those who are just joining us now for the first time, here’s a brief summary of what we at 2GreenEnergy are all about.  We offer:

• A platform on which we connect cleantech entrepreneurs with sources of investment capital. Read more ›

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Are We Making Progress as a Civilization?

Are We Making Progress as a Civilization?A friend wrote to me last night: I will tell you, Craig, I was so utterly horrified by the dolphin video (that she had shared on Facebook, re: Japan’s considering dolphins pests and slaughtering them wholesale) I doubt I will ever sleep well again. Read more ›

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Both Environmentalists and U.S. Presidents Need To Deal With Criticism

Both Environmentalists and U.S. Presidents Need To Deal With CriticismNo one handles criticism with total aplomb, as much as we all would like to think we do.  Of course, some of us have thinner skin than others.

Here’s a video that makes fun of environmentalists, of which I was reminded because of its hilarious reference to National Public Radio (that went on the air for the first time on this date in 1970).  If you’re a tree-hugger, just take a few deep breaths and try take it in stride.   Read more ›

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Celebrating A Rare Victory for Science and Reason

climate scienceHere’s a popular Facebook “share” on climate science to which I commented, “Always nice to see science score a victory, but it sure is a shame that this is in any way remarkable.”  And here’s the discussion that ensued:
Friend: Climate Science is….SCIENCE! Why does it have to become a political football, tossed around by a former SNL comic? 
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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: Community Cleanup–How to Recycle Smarter

Community Cleanup--How to Recycle SmarterPeople are born into bad habits, wasteful habits. They pile up their trash with things they don’t know how to use anymore and ship the bags off to be buried in the landfill. However, recycling has never been easier; most just need to collect their recyclables into the designated bin and wait for garbage collectors to haul them away. Read more ›

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Building-Integrated PV Coming Into Fashion

Building-Integrated PV Coming Into FashionHere’s a good demonstration of the power of marketing.  Building-integrated PV has been around for decades, and now there are hundreds of different variations on the theme on display at the large shows like Solar Power International and Intersolar. Yet, but until now, the subject has remained arcane. Read more ›

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“Deconstruction of the Administrative State” Means Destroying a Lot of Things People Need

The good news: Things are becoming very clear in Washington.  Trump’s senior adviser Stephen K. Bannon has explained the rationale behind the cabinet picks, i.e., to destroy those government departments and any regulations that emanate from them.  According to Bannon, one of the three most important goals the White House is working towards is the “deconstruction of the administrative state.”  (This, of course, confirmed what was obvious to anyone paying even the tiniest bit of attention long before the announcement.)    Read more ›

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How Well Has Government Investment in Clean Energy Worked?

How Well Has Government Investment in Clean Energy Worked?A commenter notes: The U.S. Department of Energy and other government funding institutions have invested vast sums in failed projects.

This is true (depending on how one defines “vast”), but grossly misleading.  Overall, 80% of all businesses fail within the first 18 months.  Of DoE-funded projects, only 17% fail, and, as of three years ago, these projects had already attracted over $625 million in private funding.

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What Does the Discovery of Seven Exoplanets Mean?

Exoplanets Most of us here on the planet we call home are excited about NASA’s discovery of seven Earth-like planets, about 39 light-years from where you’re sitting right now.  That seems almost close enough to reach out and touch.  It appears quite possible that humankind, after gazing into the night sky and wondering about extraterrestrial life for the last 100,000 years or so, may find it fairly soon.   Read more ›

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“Pretended Patriotism” — Choice Words from George Washington

"Pretended Patriotism" -- Choice Words from George WashingtonAccording to Writer’s Almanac, hosted and edited by Garrison Keillor, (February 22 was) the birthday of the first president of the United States, George Washington, born in the Colony of Virginia (1732)… Washington served as president for eight years. In his Farewell Address to the nation, he warned that his greatest fear for the new country was that forces would try to divide Americans and undermine the country’s principles. He argued that its citizens should come together to resist those people: “Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” Read more ›

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E-bikes Are Happening

Ebikes Are Happening

I’ve been asked to head-up the marketing role in an international group that will further popularize the role that electric bicycles play in our rapidly advancing world of low-carbon transportation.

Getting this done effectively will require some research, thought, and planning, but it will hardly be tantamount to pushing a rope.  The appeal of e-bikes, whether for urban commuting or for recreation, is obviously the first time one hits the accelerator and goes zooming up a hill.  Read more ›

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