Welcome to 2GreenEnergy.  We’re Glad You’re Here.  (A “Sticky” Post)

Welcome to 2GreenEnergyTo those who have been with us since our inception in 2009, as well as to those who are just joining us now for the first time, here’s a brief summary of what we at 2GreenEnergy are all about.  We offer:

• A platform on which we connect cleantech entrepreneurs with sources of investment capital. Read more ›

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Survey Shows People Don’t Trust Fossil Fuel Giants

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQ1AAAAJDIzMGYxYjdkLWYyOWItNGE2Ny05NDI1LTIyNTJmMmJjMzc2MAOne of the world’s top accounting and consulting firms, Ernst and Young is a venerated name if there ever were one.  And, as is typical for large business consulting concerns, they seem to do an awful lot of market research surveys, most of which, IMO, reveal little that anyone with any common sense would take for granted.  “Study finds that unprotected teen sex leads to unwanted pregnancies.”  That kind of thing. Read more ›

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Rethinking Consumerism

20170627_092813The “Climate One” conference in San Francisco is a day chock-full of interesting and compelling ideas about humankind’s behavior vis-a-vis the environment, and what can be done to improve this relationship.  Did you know, for instance, that, on average, an electric drill is used eight minutes from the time it leaves the shelf at Home Depot until it makes its way into a landfill? All that resource extraction, transportation and refinement of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution goes into a product that will serve its master only eight minutes in its entire lifetime. Read more ›

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Loyalty Pushed To Pathological Limits: Why Lying Has Become Part of the Fabric of Our Society

013017spicerv2_1280x720Unless I’m mistaken, it was Arlene Allen, at the University of California at Santa Barbara, who left the very first comment on this blog when it came on line almost exactly eight years ago, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating her insights ever since.  In response to my piece about our Orwellian society, she writes:

The whole lies, facts and alternative facts discussion has made me wonder, like so many others, what is at the heart of this? Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Diana Smith: Five Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas for a Greener Home

ML_Chelsea_Show_2014_-house-22may14_pr_b_639x426Today, many interior designers promote eco-friendly decoration in their work that not only looks amazing, but also contributes positively to people’s health and the environment. If you also want to board the green train, here are some eco-friendly decorating ideas you can introduce into your home. Read more ›

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A Reader Comments on a Possible Scenario with the Trump Presidency

Nixon_Resignation-Tapes-001c2-3306In response to my post suggesting that we live in Orwellian times, Jeff Covel quotes me: “What exactly happens when facts cease to matter? Will we all wind up in a fascist civilization” and then writes:

I think not, Craig. Trump’s problems with the truth has already substantially alienated the independents among us, and even his base has begun to erode. We’re only five months into his term. As the months roll by and the lies and misdeeds add up his ability to pressure congress, and his re-electibility as well, will dissolve.
Read more ›

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Learning from George Orwell on His Birthday

11NorthKorea-web2-master768My mom and I read The Writer’s Almanac every morning, and I’m sure that, when she sat down at her computer this morning and found that it’s the birthday of George Orwell, she must have thought: “Oh boy.  I wonder how long it will take Craig to write a post on how dystopian our nation is becoming.”  Answer: just a few minutes.   Read more ›

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Doing a Little Doublethinking on a Sunday Morning

BRAND_THC_BSFC_180746_SFM_000_2997_15_20151204_00_HDThose of you hip people who subscribe to the “Word of the Day” on Dictionary.com saw that today’s word is “doublethink,” meaning the acceptance of two contradictory ideas or beliefs at the same time.  This, of course, is reminiscent of what F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in 1936:  The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. Read more ›

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The Heat Wave: How to Ensure Your AC Works Efficiently This Summer

ACLlogoDuring the summer season, most people want to cool off from the heat and avoid the high temperatures. Unfortunately, the inside of the home can become warm if the air conditioner begins to break down. When you want to ensure that your AC works efficiently, there are a few important tips to follow. Read more ›

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Renewable Energy: How Much Storage Will It Take To Get There?

Unknown-1125x635It’s both important and fun to look down the road and see where the migration to renewable energy is taking us.  What will it take to get to 80% penetration of wind and solar?  How much storage is necessary?  What other factors need to be taken into consideration? Read more ›

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Our Civilization’s Impact on the Environment

Our Civilization's Impact on the EnvironmentThrough a magnificent coincidence, I found this fabulous video cartoon summarizing humankind’s impact on planet Earth just a few days after we celebrated Edvard Grieg’s 174th birthday earlier this week. You’ll immediately recognize the ominous crescendo in the theme (“In the Hall of the Mountain King”).  Enjoy.



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