Welcome to 2GreenEnergy.  We’re Glad You’re Here.  (A “Sticky” Post)

Welcome to 2GreenEnergyTo those who have been with us since our inception in 2009, as well as to those who are just joining us now for the first time, here’s a brief summary of what we at 2GreenEnergy are all about.  We offer:

• A platform on which we connect cleantech entrepreneurs with sources of investment capital. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Helen Williamson: Skip the Bins–Getting Rid of Your Renovation Rubbish

green-bulk-waste-removalAre you planning on getting your property renovated? Have you thought about all the garbage and trash that will be generated while you refurbish your home? It can be a lot depending on how much you plan to refurbish. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Helen Birk: Essential Energy-Efficient Products for Every Home

Dimmer_switches_for_energy_savingChoosing the right energy-efficient devices for your home is essential if you wish to start saving money. Did you know that you can save up to 20% of the energy if you begin buying energy efficient products? And, what’s more, you can invest these money savings on something you always have no extra money for. Read more ›

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The Fine Points of Human Civilization

chart-shows-you-everything-you-need-to-know-about-pairing-wine-with-foodDespite common wisdom, artfully pairing wine with food has been a big deal in Western Civilization for hundreds of years.  There are those who say that French food, as wonderful as it may be on its own, or served, God forbid, with wines from hell, was developed largely to showcase those of the region, particularly those of Bordeaux. Read more ›

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CleanTech Business Concepts: A Rich Mixture of Fraud, Stupidity, and Occasional Genius

Ebenezer-ScroogeI must come across as the Ebeneezer Scrooge when it comes to reviewing cleantech business concepts on behalf of the investor community, insofar as I almost uniformly scoff at them (or worse).  But here’s what’s actually going on:

 For every good idea in this space, there are hundreds of bad ones, i.e., concepts that have zero practical potential to improve the quality of our environment. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Diana Smith: Ways to Green Up Your Yard

underground-home-kirknielsenDOTcomOne would think that having a garden is eco-friendly by default, but not all gardens are equally “green.” Excess water use, improper trash removal, planting foreign plant cultures, and so on, are just some of the many ways that people are hurting the environment with their gardens. Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Eileen O’Shanassy: Six Food Companies Doing Their Part for the Environment

1 (1)Every day, we make decisions that impact our environment — whether we are eating, washing our clothes, or driving to work. Fortunately, there are many options available for our daily personal needs that are healthy for us, and the earth. Read more ›

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Trump Signs Executive Order Converting U.S. Grid from AC to DC

170504120453-donald-trump-religious-liberty-eo-01-exlarge-169(WASHINGTON, DC) “You know what electrons are, right?  They make this thing called electricity, and that can be bad stuff…like lightning strikes and power outages,” said U.S. President Donald Trump as he signed into effect an executive order that will convert the U.S. electrical grid from alternating to direct current over the next five years, at a cost experts put at roughly $35 trillion, or approximately twice the GDP. Read more ›

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A Contributed Post: Eco-Friendly Homes Tend to Sell for More According to Reports

T_0d3a661edbAccording to recent reports, green and eco-friendly homes tend to sell for more than others. Let’s review the hard numbers on eco-friendly home sales and discuss the trends that result in green homes selling faster and for more than their counterparts.

The Hard Numbers Read more ›

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From Guest Blogger Sonya Harris: How To Eat Around The World On A Vegan Diet

CCE Green Carpet CleaningFor many travelers, finding safe and familiar food to eat is often a challenge, especially in destinations where the food culture is different from home. If you’re a vegan, the challenge is even bigger, but it’s certainly possible to find a way around it. Even in the most remote destinations, you can still find something vegan. Read more ›

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Germany Blows Us Away with Its Commitment to Onshore and Offshore Wind

800x-1As shown at left and discussed in this article from Bloomberg, Germany’s massive installation of wind (on top of its solar) has, for the first time, pushed its electricity generation from renewable sources above that of coal and nuclear.

As we enter this time of festivity, let’s celebrate our accomplishments of the past, i.e., the enormous contributions that fossil fuels have made to our society, while welcoming in the glories of the future, as we move to new forms of clean energy, so as to prevent climate catastrophe.  Read more ›

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