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Waste-to-Energy: Is It a Waste?

Here’s a video depicting the enormous problem that the Lebanese have with the disposal of their municipal solid waste (MSW).  Insofar as it’s part of the venerable “Story of Stuff” project, its central message is that our society simply consumes

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Making the Case for Waste-to-Energy

Here’s a gruesome reminder of the need for waste-to-energy technology.  Sometimes the feasibility of plants that extract the chemical energy in municipal solid waste is hard to establish, in cases where the MSW itself isn’t causing problems associated with land

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Waste-Tire To Energy

If you wanted to invest a few seconds, you could probably count the tires in the pic on the left.  I don’t think you’d be so successful with the aerial shot below, however.  When I came across this latter photograph

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Burning Trees To Generate Electricity

A reader sent me this recent article by legendary environmentalist Bill McKibben.  In passing it along, he notes: Craig, it appears that “Green” can become a kind of dogma so that if something is given a green coat of paint

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Waste To Energy

Here’s a discussion on that speaks to waste-to-energy (WTE) plants, and why they are not ubiquitous.  In addition to the NIMBY principle, which is severe, the real gating factor here is the presence or absence of regulations as to

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The Market for Wood Pellets in European Power Plants

A colleague in the southeastern part of the US has a huge and rock-solid fuel supply of wood to make into pellets, and, on the basis of that feedstock agreement, I’m trying to help him raise a significant amount (nine

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: Understanding Biosolids Management–An Eco-Friendly Guide

In the modern world, scarcity of resources has made human beings adopt recycling techniques to avoid wastage of what is already scarce. By so doing usage of raw materials is reduced and prevent pollution of the environment hence making planet

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: Green Waste Technology – Three Alternatives to Messy Landfills

As growing populations result in the inevitable larger, messier landfills, more aggressive and viable solutions are being developed and implemented through three major channels: organic recycling, technology, and other creative forms of recycling at every level. While admittedly not totally

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Biomass Has Its Pros and Cons

It’s hard to over-estimate the importance of biomass as a component to a sustainable mix of renewable energy resources—largely for its capacity to convert streams of waste, many of which are toxic, into useful chemical or electrical energy. That’s the

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From 2GreenEnergy Intern Fabio Porcu:  Gasification 

Gasification is a thermochemical process which allows the conversion of materials that are rich in carbon, such as coal, petroleum, or biomass, into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and other gaseous compounds. The thermal degradation process requires high temperatures (above 700-800°C) in

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