Get Your Free Report RIGHT NOW: 25 Tips for Renewable Energy Businesses

25 VITAL points necessary to expand your clean energy business. How many are you taking advantage of? Get Your FREE Report: 25 TIPS FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY BUSINESSES

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21 comments on “Get Your Free Report RIGHT NOW: 25 Tips for Renewable Energy Businesses
  1. dan case says:

    right now I have too many irons in the fire but I have to stay on top of the “green” situation as I am working on a project to greatly improve this area, at an affordable expendature ! all the info is very welcome ! Thanx, Dan

  2. Peter Strong says:

    I have automotive experience as a Service Writer, for two domestic manufacturers, as well as in Cust. Svce. for a high-end import’s National Headquarters. I am also an automotive hobbyist/mechanic.

    In addition, I have a law degree (licensed to practice in two jurisdictions).

    Lastly, I have a keen interest in hybrids, and own a 2009 Highlander Hybrid.

    I would like to utilize my automotive expertise in a green energy environment. Your report seems like good background reading, to help me keep abreast of developments and eventually find a niche for myself in the emerging electric vehicle industry.

    Oh–I received the first of the Brass Tacks pdfs, but do not believe I received units #2 and 3–could you possibly resend them? Thanks!

    Thank you very much.


    Peter Strong

    • Craig Shields says:

      Great stuff, Peter; I hope the reports are helpful in pointing a direction for you within the burgeoning EV industry.

      Btw, the other reports are sent automatically over a period of a couple of weeks, but since you’re anxious, I’ll send them both now.

  3. Hello everybody,
    currently I am working on a business plan on solar thermal heating systems. Does anybody have any experience with this topic. I am looking forward to interesting business plan examples or advise on this sector.

    I am trying to identify a market potential for a certain country, although I am having problems to determine this.
    Secondly I am thinking about selling the emission certificates on the market. Does anybody know how much CO2 a system with 200l is able to save/ how many systems I need to reduce/save one tonne of CO2

    Kind regards
    Philipp Gauss

  4. Alan says:

    > Enter Your Name and Email to Get Your FREE Report: 25 TIPS FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY BUSINESSES

    enter my name and email where?

  5. Henry P. Feranski says:

    Please send me your report: 25 Tips for Renewable Energy Businesses. Thank you.

  6. Lothar Briones says:

    Thanks for sending me the report along with the video!

  7. Javier Gonzalez says:

    Sounds interesting. Please send me a copy.

  8. Charles soberano says:

    I would definitely like to hear more of your tips on renewable energy. I have recently incorp Canadian Solar Energy Solutions although I have been involved and actively researching renewable energy for years.

    • Milton Stanley says:

      charles drop me aline as I am well connected in this area of energy and I am starting a company here in Toronto


  9. Sanket M says:

    I am interested in your ’25 Tips for Renewable Energy Businesses’ report.

  10. Scott Ledgerwood says:

    Hi Craig: Please send the 25 tips for renewable energy businesses.

    I’m working on a bizplan for distributed energy storage for businesses and residential users, to exploit ToU pricing, both with and without renewables. Let me know if you’d like to see more on Lectri-Stor.

    Thx — Scott

  11. This really is such a fantastic post, while I was going through this I couldn’t help but agree with you. I’m going to include your website to my personal list of favorites and i look ahead to reading through your other useful blog posts. Carry on the great work, this is one of the better blogs on the net.

  12. Glen Nelson says:

    Dear Sir,

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    Thank you.

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  13. zeka says:

    Using renewable energy makes our planet a healthier living place.Thousands of years its past, planet came to us a Beautiful manner.We should pass it to new generation (to our grandsons and grand doughters) at least as we accepted.

    • Kish says:

      Biofuel? I hope they don’t mean biodiesel, as that’s still going to be a major coniotbutrr to greenhouse gas emissions. And I hope the solar isn’t just sticking biodiesel-producing algae out in the sun as a part of the production process. Gosh, would THAT be embarrassing to leak to the public!

  14. King Solar says:

    I am running a Solar business in South Africa
    The tips would come handy further if you looking to invest into Solar in Africa I have a few models we can discuss

  15. cygreen says:

    Interesting . Pl. send me a copy at

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